Word 2010


Cheat sheets

  • 18-page tutorial begins by displaying the "ribbons" for each tab. Other topics include: creating new document, formatting text, formatting documents, working with graphics, advanced formatting, i.e., columns, SmartArt, tables, finalizing document, i.e., spell check, print preview, printing, and saving. at http://bit.ly/yZplcv 

  • 7-page tutorial begins with keyboard shortcuts before covering navigating ribbons, Quick Access Toolbar, open, save, close documents, editing existing documents, changing fonts, headers/footers, customize options and templates. at http://bit.ly/wZHGVt 

  • 37-page heavily illustrated 15-lessons at http://bit.ly/Agd6AB

  • 57-page tutorial is long enough to cover almost everything at http://bit.ly/wAevwD

  • 19-page introduction in Spanish at  http://bit.ly/xZumzo


Focused lessons
Play documents